Yggdrasil Releases Sonya Blackjack

Now a completely new generations Blackjack is soon about to hit the market, and this time its Yggdrasil who have hit big with a completely new series of classic tablegames in 3D. The first game in the new series is Sonya Blackjack which is a new and updated version of the popular table game Blackjack.

Recently Yggdrasil bought themselves a new gaming technology called REDUX and this is supposedly going to enable them to make this new generation table games. With this new technology the players are invited into a new sense of community where the animated figures can turn to the individual players directly during an ongoing game. Pair this together with the amazing animations and this can be the beginning of something amazing, you can as a player be in the centrum in another way compared to earlier. REDUX will also come together with tons of campaigns and functions such as cash-race and tournaments this is perfect for you who like such things.

We definitely think this is a big step forward within the Live Casino industry and Yggdrasil has done a fantastic job with releasing this new concept of table games and we strongly look forward trying Sonya Blackjack. The fact that they’ve taken in an element such as making the virtual games a little more personal and allowing the individual player to be in the centrum more than earlier is a new high that wasn’t possible before. The plan is also to expand to Roulette, Baccarat and other Live Casino games other than Blackjack in the future. We look forward to this with excitement, even though we don’t know the exact release date yet it’s supposedly not far away and will be released during 2018.

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