VIP and Loyalty Programs

If you play alot of casino online then picking a casino that has a good casino viployalty program will give you alot back in the long run. Today theres hundreds of different casinos to choose from and every single one of these casinos want you as an customer. To attract long term players casinos often has something called VIP Programs or Loyalty programs that basically tracks how much you’ve played at them and gives you generous rewards for your loyalty.

All the competition among the casinos today is great for us players since it pushes the casinos to compete against eachother and offer better and better bonuses, loyalty programs and rewards. Usually theres two different ways to join a casinos VIP club, you either have to apply to join it and if you’re loyal enough you’re allowed in or you join it just by registering at the casino. When you have to apply to join the VIP programs that means that they’re usually a bit more exclusive and you have to wager or play for a certain amount of money each month to qualify. It’s important that you don’t take for granted that the casino will contact you for VIP benefits, always contact the casino to know more about their VIP program and loyalty benefits if you’re planning on staying.

Today theres many different unique loyalty and VIP programs, Casumo and Leo Vegas has their levels where you get different rewards each time you level up and sites like Highroller gives you rewards for just logging in daily and for playing alot. We’ve noticed that alot of New Casinos 2018 are putting alot of effort into their loyalty programs to become as interesting as possible along with a great experience.


VIP and loyalty programs has many benefits to them and the biggest one is that you simply get more out of your gaming. Thanks to better bonuses and other benefits like cashback and lower wagering requirements you also improve your chances of winning. If you’re a highroller then you might get special tailored bonuses with high ceiling caps so that you can deposit and play with great bonuses instead of playing the normal bonuses with sky high wagering requirements. Always make sure to take the benefits from loyalty programs at online casinos.

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