Tips for New Casino Players

Starting out with casino can be quite hard, theres all these new terms3d man thinking that you have no idea what they means… You keep hearing about Free Spins and Bonuses and a bunch of other stuff on the commercials, but what does it really mean? Here we’ll clear up some basic things regarding casino for new players so that you can get a decent grasp of how casino works, what bonuses are and how you should use them and many other things.

Free No Deposit Bonuses

When you first start you should always use all the free no deposit bonuses that the casinos offers at registration. Free Spins is basically a fixed amount of spins you get on a slot from the casino that you get to spin just like normal spins, but you don’t spin with your own money. Anything you win during the spins is yours that you’ll most likely have to wager.

casino giftAnother type of Free bonus you can get from casinos are a fixed amount of cash, often 5 or 10 euro that you can choose to play on any slot that you’d like to try. Always make sure to read the terms and conditions of every bonus you take before you start playing so you don’t break any rules and lose your bonus, the terms can be a certain type of games you can’t play, a max bet per spin and so on. Once you’ve gotten a solid grasp of how Bonuses works, how slots works and you’ve tried a few casinos with no deposit bonuses you can move on to the deposit bonuses.

Choosing the casino

When choosing a casino it’s important to decide for yourself what you value most, do you want alot of games? big bonuses? alot of campaigns? unique bonuses? fast withdrawals? theres alot of casinos that focus on certain aspects of these and you should consider what’s most important for you so you can choose a casino that fits for you.

Almost all casinos offers deposit bonuses today at your first deposit and here at CasinoBonusNo1 we’ve gone through all the bonuses in our lists so that you can get going fast and easy without having to go through the jungle of multiple thousand casinos. We’ve also listed the licenses the casinos have. It’s important to check what licenses the casinos has, we recommend to play at safe casinos such as UK licensed casinos or Malta licensed casinos to start with, the Curacao ones can be quite sketchy and it’s easy to fall into traps with the terms as a new player.

What bonuses are good?

So on to the next part.. How do you know which bonuses are good? There are some basic points we usually use to check how good a bonus is. The first one is to always check the wagering requirements on the bonus. When you accept new bonuses you’ll always get wager requirements and that’s how much you have to play for in the casino before you can withdraw the bonus amount. We’ve gone though more how wagering works over at our other guide, you’ll find it under How to Wager a Bonus.

The next thing to check for is all the bonus terms, is there alot of games you can’t play? a max cashout? all these things you have to consider before accepting your bonus if it feels good for you. We recommend to never play at a casino that has a maximum cashout, and if theres some slots restricted that you’d really like to play maybe you should look for another bonus.

Today theres tons of different bonuses, theres No-Sticky bonuses, Bonuses with no wagering requirements and so on and we really recommend reading through how every type of bonus works. The most used bonus is a normal match bonus of 100-200% which means that the casino doubles or triples your deposit and you’ll get an basic wagering requirement on your bonus amount.

Time to start playing

When you’ve chosen your bonus and read all the terms it’s time tocasino slot machine start playing. At the start of the bonus you can play any slots you want aslong as they’re not restricted, just find some games you really like and grind them and hope to eventually hit big. You usually need to hit a big win some time during the bonus to manage to finish all the wagering requirements, sometimes it can look like it’s impossible to manage but it’s easy if you win up early.

If you’re starting to get close to finishing the wagering requirements it might be smart to look for a less volatile slot like Bloodsuckers or Starburst to finish the last of the wagering, these slots usually stay around the same balance for multiple hundred spins and you don’t wanna loose all your money now that you’re so close to finishing the bonus.

Making the withdrawal

Okay so you’ve finished the bonus. Now it’s time to finally make a withdrawal. Withdrawals usually take between 24-72 hours before they’re processed and sometimes even quicker than that. When you first make a withraw you can sometimes be asked for verificiation to verify your identity, this is completely random and it’s something they have to do to keep their licenses, it’s to verify that you’re who you say you are and that you’re actually of legal age to gamble.

If you can’t verify yourself you won’t get any money from your withdrawal so it’s important that you’ve used all the right info when registering. A verification usually takes 2-3 business days and you only have to verify yourself once then it’s smooth sailing for the rest of your gambling on that specific casino. However, if you play at multiple casinos you might have to verify yourself at them aswell.


There we go, you’ve made an account, played your first bonus and you’ve made a cashout. Now you’ve learned all the basics regarding online casinos and now you can venture into the more advanced stuff such as volatility on slots, the different bonus types, slots rtp, jackpot slots and so on. Have a great time and remember to gamble safely, don’t let it spiral out of control. It’s a hobby and that’s what it should stay as, don’t gamble money you can’t afford to lose.