Slots RTP and Volatility Explained

If you play casino alot you’ve definitely came across the term RTP which is short for Return to Player. RTP is an easy explanation of a value that every slot has and it’s a tool that Providers use when creating the games from scratch. All slots are created to be profitable for the casino in the long run and the RTP counts how many percentage house edge the casino has. It might sound complicated but it really isn’t once you get the hang of it. RTP shows you how much money you get back on your bet in the long run, we’re talking millions of spins. If you play a slot with 95% RTP that means you’re going to get back 95 cent on your dollar in the long run. This obviously doesn’t matter in the short term since a slot with 95% can be very hot and pay out alot in just a couple of spins while a slot with 99% can be really dead and that’s the whole charm with playing slots.

When can you make use of this information?

We don’t recommend picking slots based on their RTP if you’re just playing for the fun of it, the only times that you should really use this information is if you’re planning on playing for the long term or if you want that slim RTP gain when you’re finishing up your wagering requirements on your bonus. If a slot has 95% RTP it can still pay out loads of money or nothing at all under several thousand spins, but over time it will even out and eventually you’ll land around that number. Since the RTP is set while manifacturing the slot the casinos can never change the actual RTP or payouts on the slot, only the slot providers have access to do that. The casinos has rented the slots from the providers and they can’t interfere with any payouts whatsoever.

So now you may wonder, what should I use this information for if it doesn’t matter anyway. And it’s true that it doesn’t matter in the short term but it can be a good thing to have as a thumb rule to only play slots that has higher than a certain RTP if you’re planning on having casino as a hobby, this is to minimize your net loss over a long period of time. Many games today has very high RTP of 96-97% and you can even find slots that has up to 99% RTP, two good examples are Blood Suckers and Mega Joker.

Jackpot slots

You may’ve noticed that Jackpot slots usually has lower RTP compared to other slots and that’s true. This is because some of the RTP goes to feeding the progressive jackpots. For every bet you make a certain percentage of that bet goes right to the jackpot while the rest is put into the machine for the spin, just like usual. We’ve gone through more how Jackpot slots works over at our other Guide about Jackpot slots.

If you want to figure out what RTP a slot has you can usually find it under the information section of the game or under the rules and payout schemes. If you can’t find it then a simple google search will usually help you. Today theres several websites that keeps track of the RTP on all the machines for you. Some players really like to dig into and strategize their game choices around the RTP of the slots but we dont really see this as something that should change your choice in games, remember that this is only in practice and rarely holds up during short term gaming sessions.

That’s it for this article, I hope we’ve helped you clear up what RTP actually is and how you should use it when gambling. If you want some help on knowing what type of bonuses is good we’ve made a guide for that aswell, check out How to know if a bonus is good.