PokerStars made 7 millionaires under 2017

pokerstars casino

Winning big is a dream coming true for every single casino player online. All these gaming moments you spend before managing to hit that massive win is filled with big expectations and growing excitement. Finally it just happens, you manage to hit the jackpot and realize that you’ve just became a multi-millionare. Your life is turned upside down on just a split second. Not just one but a total of 9 of these cases was recorded on PokerStars under 2017.

People winning on casino happens all the time, but to actually win these massive jackpots is not that common and last year was actually a record, PokerStars managed to give out 10,3 million to 9 different lucky winners. Seven of those won their millions on Millionaires Island slot and Stars Mega Spin slot which is two of PokerStars own slots.

With all these massive wins we’re also really excited for 2018 and we hope to see even more lucky winners take home wins of millions. Do you wanna test your luck? Register on PokerStars Casino today and get $30 in Free Play.