Malta Gaming Authority(MGA) Releases Self-Exclusion System

Following the recent news for landbased casinos regarding self-exclusion Malta Gaming Authority has recently announced that they will start on a new project where the player will be able to self-exclude themselves from all MGA casinon under indefinite time.

Today all casinos with an MGA license has to offer their customers a way to self-exclude for a certain period of time, however, theres is currently no way to exclude yourself completely from all casinos today. We know that UK has something called GAMSTOP which they’ve recently released, but this is only for the UK license and only for people currently living in UK. Today theres hundreds of casinos online and many of the people who play alot online has casinos on tons of different casinos to be able to grab offers and campaigns, this makes it extremely hard to be able to self-exclude yourself if you want to stop gambling completely or simply take a pause, and this is why MGA has decided to release this new system that will help with this.

In the future they hope that a system will also be released where you can self-exclude across multiple licenses, since this will only work on casinos with MGA license you’ll still be able to play on Curacao casinos and so on. But that’s a project for the future.

You can read more about this on Unified Self-Exclusion System.