Jackpot Slots – How do they work?

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A jackpot slot is a slot that contains a progressive or fixed jackpot. A progressive jackpot means that the jackpot is constantly going up when people are playing on the slot while fixed prizes is just what the name says, a fixed prize that you win. Progressive jackpots can be either global or local, global means that it shares the same prize pool among all the casinos that offers that slot while local means that the progressive jackpot is only on that particular casino. Whenever a spin is being made on a progressive jackpot a part of the spin goes towards feeding the giant jackpot that will eventually be paid out to one lucky winner.


Jackpot Slots RTP

Jackpot slots usually has lower Return to Player(RTP) compared to many other slots, this is because some of the Slots RTP is used to feeding the progressive jackpot. So if a normal slot has 96% RTP a jackpot slot can have 94% while 2% RTP goes towards the progressive jackpot. This means that the main game will pay lower aswell and much of the value lies in the actual jackpot. Some of todays most popular jackpot slots are Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, Divine Fortune and Hall of Gods. These slots have payed out hundred of millions over the years to many lucky winners and they all have different interesting bonus features and themes. Some uses a wheel for the jackpots while others have picking games where you decide your own luck. It’s very common that jackpot slots has multiple jackpots today, some has up to 6 while most have 3 – Mini, Major and Mega.


The best thing about jackpot slots is that you never have to bet high to win millions, many people have bet as low as 0.5 Euro up to 3 Euro per spin and have managed to win multiple millions. All it comes down to is your own luck. So why not try your luck today? Maybe you’ll be the next jackpot winner.