Jackpot on Mega Moolah over 12 million euro

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming really rich in just a matter of seconds or if you’re simply a fan of jackpot slots you should definitely head over and play Mega Moolah right now, the jackpot is up at the crazy amount of 12 million euro. Yes you read that right! More and more players are asking for slots with high jackpots right now and playing jackpot slots online has become incredibly popular, no matter if you’re an experienced casino player or completely new you can now go in and test your luck, because who knows, maybe you’ll be the next winner?

With the progressive jackpots the slots like Mega Moolah often reaches extreme hights. As most one winner has managed to win 15 million euro on the slot. Mega Moolah has a total of four different jackpots, Mega, Major, Minor and Mini whereas the Mega one is the biggest that everyone is playing for. At Mega Moolah the Mega jackpot is always atleast 1 million euro, this is so that the jackpot is never at zero, because then no one would want to play.

Winning the jackpot is sadly something that not alot of people have experienced, but you miss all the shots you don’t take as they usually say. The progressive jackpots can be won at any time and is triggered randomly in the slot when you play, you’ll then be sent to a big wheel you get to spin and here it’s all about landing on the Mega Jackpot if you want to take home the big bucks. Over at Jackpot Slots we’ve written more about all the popular jackpot slots right now including Mega Moolah if you want to read. If you want to try the luck yourself you can head over to Leo Vegas and Winning Room, good luck!