How to know if a bonus is good

Here we’ll go through how to know if a bonus is good or not, what to look for and what terms to avoid in general. To start out with the guide we should check out what different type of bonuses there are. The most standard bonus is a 100% match bonus which means that the casino effectively doubles your deposit and gives you a certain wagering requirement that you have to fulfill before you can withdraw, usually between 30-50x.

Theres also No-Sticky bonuses where you play with your own money first before you go down to the bonus money and start wagering. Then we have the No Wager requirement bonus where you never have any wagering but you can never withdraw the bonus amount, it’s only there to give you an extra chance of winning back your money. What bonuses are good and what terms are acceptable is always dependant on what type of bonus you pick, a 50x wager might not be good on a 100% bonus but it’s alright if it’s 200% or even 300%.

What wagering requirements are good?

Before you accept a bonus you should always check the wagering requirement, under our standards 20-40x wagering is alright on a normal 100% bonus while 20-60x is good on 200% and above. Next you should always check the terms for the bonus, some specific things to check for is the maximum bet per spin, maximum cashout if there is any and what games you can’t play.

casino omsättningskravWhen you take a bonus at a casino theres almost always a few games that are blocked on all bonuses and these are the games that you can easily bonus abuse on, we won’t go on and explain exactly how in this article but theres a good reason that they’re blocked and that means that you can’t play these games when playing with a bonus. If the bonus has a maximum cashout we recommend to never play it, you’re playing for the dream of hitting big right? Then maximum cashout is really annoying and if you’d hit that dream spin then you might not even be able to cash it all out, how bad wouldn’t that feel? Today theres hundreds of good casinos so we strongly recommend just finding another casino.

If you decide to pick a No-Sticky or No Wagering Bonus instead then theres other rules that might apply aswell as wagering for the bonus part of the No-Sticky. The same rule applies here with 20-40x wagering if it’s a normal 100% one and 20-60x on 200% and above. The No Wagering Bonuses obviously doesn’t come with any wagering requirements but you will never be able to cash out the actual bonus balance. Deciding which bonus you want to play is all up to you, they all have their own benefits


You should always be careful of bonus abuse, make sure that you’re the first player that uses the bonus on your IP Address and household otherwise your winnings might be confiscated, the welcome bonuses are only available for one player per IP. This includes playing in public places, we strongly recommend avoiding playing in public unless you’re on Mobile network. We hope you caught onto some things and we helped clear up some questions for you regarding bonuses and which ones are good.