Halloween tournaments at Vera&John entire October!

Over at Vera&John they’ve already started the countdown for the spooky Halloween. You can now compete in competitions and tournaments for the entire October and have the chance of winning cash prizes from the big prizepool of 50 000 Euro.

Does that sound interesting? It’s actually very easy to join the competition. The only thing you need to do is head over to the tournament page every weekday at 11:00. You’ll then get more information about the tournament of the day which is active every weekday from monday to friday throughout the entire month. In total 1500 Euro is going to be given out for every 24-hour tournament and a big 5000 Euro cash prize will be given out for the bigger 72-hour tournaments. Talk about party!

Even if you wouldn’t win any of the competitions during the weekdays you’ll still be put into the Undeadly lottery which is for people who haven’t won, giving everyone an extra chance of winning an awesome prize. In total 25 additional winners will be drawn here to win a big cash prize!

Heres how it works

  • Create an account at Vera&John
  • Head over to the tournament page at 11:00 every day between Monday-Friday in October
  • Different tournaments every day with cash prizes
  • If you don’t win any of the tournaments you still have an extra chance of winning in the Undeadly lottery – In total 25 more prizes will be drawn!
  • The tournament and the competitions will go on for the entire October month!