Compete for over 15 000 Euro at Guts Casino

Every day from now until the 22th of April 2018 Guts will hold daily competitions and each time you complete a mission you’ll get a reward plus a ticket. The tickets are saved until the final drawing that will be held at the end of the campaign and first price will be a whopping 5000 Euro!

The more missions you complete, the more prizes and tickets you’ll get which increases your chances to win any of the awesome prizes. Under the campaign site on Guts Casino you’ll find all the missions for each day aswell as the prizes!

Heres how you join the competition

  • Register on Guts Casino
  • Complete the daily missions under the campaign period
  • Get a reward and a ticket for each completed mission
  • Final drawing will be held the 22th of April 2018 when the campaign ends
  • The more tickets you collect – The higher your chances of winning!