Cashback Bonus

Almost every casino offers bonuses at registration today, it’s pretty much mandatory if you’re just starting up within the casino bussiness and Cashback is a new type of bonus that casinos has started to offer. This type of bonus is a bit different compared to other bonuses, it’s not really any free money you get from the casino or some type of match bonus. Cashback works in the way that you get a percantage of your losses in the casino. Lets say you have a very bad session and you’re losing alot, if you’d then have Cashback bonus active you would get 10-20% of those losses back from the casino. Cashback is offered by casinos in many different forms, some has it at registration while others has it as a part of their loyalty programs and bonuses.

Using a cashback bonus is very smart even if you don’t like the typical casino bonuses that is offered, you lose absolutely nothing by using Cashback, it’s just a type of insurance that you get atleast a percentage back if you were to lose. We have gone through hundreds of casinos to find the best casinos that offers Cashback and we’ve compiled them to a list that you’ll find here below. We keep this list updated daily so you can find a good bonus fast and easy without any hassle.

Best Cashback Bonuses

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Cashback Bonus – Heres how it works

Cashback is actually pretty simple and it works just like it sounds, you get money back. It all started within Poker but then spread on to some bigger casinos in europe, and now more and more online casinos has taken up this type of bonus. Today casinos often advertise 10-20% cashback and this means that if you’d lose you would get 10-20% of your losses back in the form of money that you can play for again. If you were to play for 100 Euro with 20% cashback and lose everything you would get 20 Euro back. The money often comes with a wagering requirement and is similar to a normal bonus, but it’s free money after all and an extra chance to actually win back the other lost money.

Theres another type of reversed cashback that works when you win instead, it’s often called Top-up. If you were to win money when using Top-up you would get even more money from the casino. Now you can actually win money on casinos and take part of cashback on New casinos 2018. Top-up bonuses isn’t as common as the typical Cashback bonuses but theres more and more casinos that has started using both of these bonus types, so hopefully we’ll see more of it from New Casinos.

Why do casinos offer Cashback?

The casino business is very tough today and we see new casinos coming and go every day. It’s hard to attract new customers as a New Casino and advertisement is pretty expensive, and they must find a way to give the players a reason to leave the casinos they’re already playing at. That’s why casinos has to offer generous welcome bonuses and other unique stuff, to stand out among the crowd. Cashback is a type of bonus that is used to attract new players, and it also attracts the type of players that don’t like the typical deposit bonuses that is often offered. Cashback has no real downsides to it and you don’t lock your deposit behind any wagering requirements when using cashback, it’s only there as a type of lifeline if you would have a bad day and lose when playing. Top-up works exactly the same but in reverse, if you would win up you would get even more money by using this type of bonus.

Always read the fineprint

Even if cashback mostly is a type of bonus without any downsides it works like a typical casino bonus and it almost always comes with terms and conditions. Most sites has wagering requirements on the money you get back from the casino, this means that you’ll have to wager the money x amount of times before you can make a withdrawal. There might also be a maximum limit of how much you can bet per spin and certain games you can’t play. We strongly recommend always reading under bonus terms before you grab a new bonus or start playing on a bonus to avoid breaking any rules and losing the bonus. The positive side of Cashback and Top-up bonuses is that you never lock your deposit behind any wagering requirements, it’s just the bonus money you’d get back if you were to lose or win up.