Bitcoin Casinos

The popularity of bitcoin casinos a an digital currency has steadily increased over the past few years, especially the last few months and it has contributed to a completely new economy to flow parallell to our usual traditional economy that we have today. While bitcoin transactions has continued to increase in popularity it has also given us new opportunities for gambling, games and lotteries through bitcoin casinos. Here is a list with Swedish bitcoin casinos.

What is Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin is today the most popular cryptocurrency and some casinos has chosen to offer transactions through bitcoins together with the usual methods that exists today, for example e-wallets, bank and creditcard. More and more casinos offers bitcoins as a possible method to use and these casino operates over the entire globe. Through bitcoin transactions, as these casinos offers, you can bet on many different things such as casino games, slots, sport betting, lotteries and more. The biggest reason that Bitcoin and crypto currencies became so popular from the beginning is that it’s very anonymous and easy to use, most people don’t like giving out their personal info for the risk of it ending up in the wrong hands and bitcoins are perfect for this. When using bitcoins theres usually no fees either which is great.

How does Bitcoin casinos work?

The software is the heart of all casinos today and the same applies to bitcoin casinos. Most of the popular bitcoin casinos has their own softwares that they’ve developed themselves while the smaller ones usually rent an existing software and customize it a little bit and then operate their casinos through there. All games and such are run through the software and theres no need for any human interactions, everything is done by the computer. One exception is the Live Casino games where you’re playing against a Live dealer at a real casino dealing infront of a camera. The most popular game at bitcoin casinos however is Poker which is played by tons of people all over the world.


Bitcoins and crypto currencies has always been very interesting to follow since it’s a completely new economy parallell to our usual traditional economy that we’re used to. These sorts of currencies opens new opportunities for new casinos which we’ve witnessed now and these bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular. More and more casinos starts offering bitcoins as a method at both deposit and withdrawal which is perfect, especially if you don’t like handing out too much personal information. We look forward to seeing how bitcoin casinos will evolve in the future.